Not Just another Pretty Ancient Village…

The ancient village and synagogue of Ein Keshatot in the Golan Heights has now opened its gates – day or night – for your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, or Family Celebration!

Are you looking for a unique site to host an unforgettable family event?
Ein Keshatot will *wow* your guests! It offers the perfect backdrop that will leave its mark in the hearts of all your guests. Ein Keshatot is an ancient Jewish village 1500 years old; in the heart of the village was a synagogue destroyed by an earthquake, but recently reconstructed and opened to the public. The synagogue is magnificent, with an impressive Ark Complex (the most complete and the most decorated ever found in Israel), including intricate patterns and Jewish symbols chiseled into the black basalt stone. Nearby is the Event Garden, with fruit trees, the village spring (still flowing!), impressive stone arches, and breathtaking views of Lake Kinneret. At sunset, when the sky turns orange and pink, and there’s a pleasant soothing breeze…that’s when the magic begins!
The Event Park is a great venue for greeting your guests as they arrive. You can choose to serve refreshments next to the monumental stone arches and the adjacent spring; or you can have the same setup next to the ancient synagogue. And of course the Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony – or the Wedding under the Chuppah – can be held inside the synagogue, with the most beautiful background scenery you could possibly imagine.
Touring the ancient village, as well as hearing the fascinating story of how cutting-edge technology helped reconstruct the synagogue, will enhance and add historic meaning to your event. We can make it happen! Also, we will be happy to assist you in finding compatible local lodgings for your guests that can offer any amenities they prefer.


For details, and to arrange an event, please call: 04-6851002 or by Mail:

Looking for a unique site for your event?
Ein Keshatot is the perfect place for a small event in nature.

The Spring of the Arches and the adjacent pools, the ancient synagogue structure, and the site’s entrance hall with the breathtaking view towards the Golan hills and Lake Kinneret – these all provide the scenery for your celebration.

A unique wedding in northern Israel, a moving Bar Mitzvah in the Golan, or any other ceremony held at Ein Keshatot – are all wonderful options. The special blend of beautiful vistas with ancient artifacts and flowing water will provide your event with a magical and unique atmosphere.

If you are considering holding an event in nature, Ein Keshatot is the right place for you. The site has a large parking lot, an entrance hall with panoramic windows that provide a stunning view of Lake Kinneret, a screening room with a bird’s-eye view of the synagogue, and of course clean restrooms and full access for the disabled. Both the synagogue and spring complexes have large paved areas for welcoming guests, meals, performances, and more. 

A guided tour of the magnificent synagogue, as well as hearing the fascinating story of Ein Keshatot, can infuse your event with added value, and add a special touch to your celebration.

The site can be reserved for both private and business functions.

Come celebrate (and make others happy, too!) at Ein Keshatot

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Privet Events

For details, and to arrange an event, please call: 04-6851002 or by Mail:


Come celebrate (and make others happy, too!) at Ein Keshatot


EVENTS Ein Keshatot Gallery, גלריית תמונות עין קשתות


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BAR/BAT MITZVAHS Ein Keshatot Gallery

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בר/בת מצווה Ein Keshatot Gallery, גלריית תמונות עין קשתות

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