Attractions in the AREA:

The Golan, one of the leading tourist destinations in Israel, offers a variety of activities. Some of the Golan’s most interesting attractions include: waterfalls and pools, flowing riverbeds, reservoirs and springs, volcanic hills, ancient synagogues, military history sites, Lake Kinneret beaches, visitor centers, local produce…and that’s without even mentioning Golan hiking and the famous Golan Trail. Whether visitors be lone travelers, couples, families, or groups, the Golan will provide interesting new experiences, 24/7.

There are many touring options in the Golan Heights, and Ein Keshatot is just one of the unique sites that are available to visitors. In order to make your visiting experience more complete, you can choose additional sites to see, and the options are many and diverse. We have chosen a number of Golan attractions for you – intended for both adults and children. You can go from Ein Keshatot to visit a quality winery, an olive oil press, or for off-road driving…the sky’s the limit!

The attractions and sites – including details – can be found here:     Tour Golan