Declaration of Accessibility

Declaration of Accessibility

An accessible internet site is a site that allows people with disabilities and elderly people to explore in a way that is productive and enjoyable for all. Approximately 20-25 percent of the entire population have difficulty using an internet site, and can gain by having easier access to internet content (according to research by Microsoft Corporation in 2003). This site believes in, and acts to give, equal opportunity in the internet realm to those with various impairments and/or those who use computers with technological assistance.


Accessible Site Certificate

The “Accessible Site” certificate is an initiative of “Access Israel” and the Israel Internet Association. The certificate is displayed on sites that have made the appropriate compatibility changes in order to become accessible to people with disabilities. The purpose of displaying the certificate is to heighten public consciousness about internet accessibility, and to inform those visiting the site about its accessibility.


Site Accessibility

We believe that this site meets the demands for equal rights to people with disabilities (Accessibility Compatibilities for Service) of 2013. The site meets the Israel Standards recommendations (IS5568) for internet content accessibility at the AA level, and the document recommendation of WCAG2.0 of the W3C Association. Also, the site is compatible for display in the common browsers, as well as on cellphones.


Implemented Changes

In this site, strict accessibility changes have been made. Among the changes made: semantic and informative implementations for assistive technologies, the setting of keyboard-only navigation and operation, according to the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), color compatibility, and also the addition of assistance tags and form instructions for the benefit of all users. Also, in order to have the optimum internet experience with a screen-reading program, we recommend using the most recent NVDA program.


Some Site Implementations

We have added an assisting component that is compatible with WordPress. This component allows control over font size, block detours, text for screen-readers, keyboard navigation that eases site-use without the use of a mouse, implementations on the site for screen-readers, site reading accessibility in shades of black-and-white/with color contrast, blocking animations and all mobile objects on site, and emphasized links. To allow for an optimum site experience with a screen-reader, we recommend using the most up-to-date NVDA program. It should be noted that despite our efforts to make all the pages of this site accessible, the attached documents (i.e. PDF, Word, Excel, and video files) are still in the preparation stage for accessibility, and we are working to complete this project.


Making Contact, and Accessibility Feedback

In the event that you need a document on this site and it is not accessible, or if you found a component or page on this site that is not accessible, please report to us with a link to the relevant site; we will fix it accordingly, as soon as possible.


Contact Details for the Accessibility Coordinator:


Fax: 04-6961535

Contact via the “Contact Us” link on site:

Contact via mail: Ein Keshatot Internet Site Coordinator, Golan Economic Development Corporation, Ltd., 13 Siyon Street, Katzrin, Golan Heights, Israel